Why Does a 3PL Make eCommerce Returns Easier?

3PLs are skilled in handling both outbound and inbound shipments. Logistics providers can now handle almost any volume of eCommerce returns cost-effectively without having to invest in additional technology or equipment. A 3PL is a great option for eCommerce returns.

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  • A wider facility network. 3PLs have a wider network of distribution points than eCommerce retailers. A 3PL can receive returns faster and at a lower cost than most eCommerce retailers. This is something that consumers expect from sellers.
  • Simple returns. Many consumers consider a simplified, no-cost return process a selling point. A well-managed returns process will encourage repeat business and reflect positively on your brand. In the next few years, how a seller handles eCommerce returns is going to be more important for everyone involved.
  • Quality control. Outbound-oriented distribution centers can make it difficult and costly to assess the condition of eCommerce returns. 3PLs provide dedicated, skilled staff who, according to brand parameters, determine if items should either be discarded, recycled, or added back to inventory.
  • Advanced analytics. A 3PL can identify trends in product returns with the help of sophisticated logistics technology. The data can show, for example, if a product is damaged more often in transit and requires better packaging.

Parcel shipping may account for as much as 75% of eCommerce fulfillment costs.3PLs can negotiate bulk discounts with parcel carriers, which reduces the cost of each return. The 3PL delivers your items more affordably than you could do on your own.