When Your Trees Need An Arborist In Northern Beaches

When you own property with trees, there comes a time when they need attention. You may need to trim/attenuate (to allow for more light and airflow) or remove deadwood (for tree safety and health).

Tree types vary widely in the way they are grown and you need to take that into account before you start pruning. You can also get the best information about arborists in Northern Beaches via the web.


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The job an arborist needs

Let's take a look at the jobs that need to be left to professionals …


Climbing trees is a very special skill. You need the right equipment to handle wood, i.e. B. climbing rope, three-snaps carabiner, belt, shoe nail, belt, special saw, boots with steel toe covers … just to name a few.

Climbing on your own is quite dangerous, and using a chainsaw is dangerous when you are alone on the ground. So, if the two of you sit together in a tree, the risk of injury to people and/or property increases.

Narrow space

If you have a tree in a confined space (fence, house, shed, garden, etc.), you need to remove the cuttings without damaging the surrounding property. Arborists can:

  • Cut into small pieces and stir in a safe place for dripping.

  • Carefully lower the branches using special tools and ropes.

  • You can even attach a flying fox to safely pull large limbs away from obstacles.

If you have a beautiful tree to care for, it's a good idea to seek advice before doing anything else.