Tools Needed For Slate Roof Repair in Sydney

Once you have the ability to access the roof, it’s time to remove the broken slates.  The ripper is the best way to achieve this.  A thin, strong blade is the desired quality.  

If a ripper is too thick, it can break adjoining slates.  

Slate Hooks – Once a piece of slate has been removed, the most common means of replacing the slate is a slate hook.  For your home, you can also choose slate roofing in Sydney at

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A new piece is then inserted up into the slate and slid down onto the hook.  Copper and stainless are material options.  Stainless hooks are stronger and will work better for harder decking but the aesthetics of copper may be appealing to some.

Another method for holding replacement slates in place is the nail and bib method.  Most prefer the slate hook method because nails can damage other slates and bibs can fall out or rust.  

Restoration Hammer – A restoration hammer and a slate hammer are two separate hammers.  A slate hammer is used for cutting, nailing, and hammering nails.  It is useful working in valleys, places where cuts need to be made, and installing new courses of slate.  

Ridge Hook –  If the roof has a ridge, and it’s accessible with a portable ladder, then the ridge hook is the quickest method for reaching a repair area.  Once a ridge hook is secured to a ladder, the ladder is rolled up the roof and then turned over.  

Slate Cutter – Sometimes a piece of slate will not be an exact size match for a repair.  A slate cutter is light, transportable, and trims slate to size which makes it essential for repair work.