Rise and fly with your drone – and earn money doing it!

near me drone training

Fiddling with controls as you watch your machine soar across the skies – operating drones is very enjoyable. The views that it offers can make for a truly mesmerizing experience. For those of us who have fallen in love with these machines, there is a perfect career out there – as a professional drone pilot. 

Drones have a vast number of real-world applications across a wide variety of fields like construction, agriculture, photography, surveying, mining, and so on. Some typical real-world applications are:

Television commercials

Music videos and music festivals

Life-saving flotation devices

First aid delivery

Shark detection

Roof washing

Power line inspection

Geological topography

Tracking poachers

Space Exploration


Traffic reporting

There is no question that the demand for professional drone pilots is quite high. The path to becoming a professional is through training courses. You can search for ‘drone training near me’ to find courses with CASA certification, giving you the credibility to get hired. You can also opt for the convenience of an online course to be certified from home.

Contents of the Course

These training courses typically constitute the following modules:

Rules and regulations

Basic principles of flying

Payload utilization and handling

Fixed-wing aerodynamics

VLOS operations

Drone operations management

Fleets and pilot teams management

Supervising projects and execution

Flight simulator sessions

Field flying sessions

Receiving instruction from specialized, experienced staff can improve your piloting skills rapidly. A deeper understanding of the marketing and business of drones can help establish long term opportunities. A CASA certified course can give you the skills employers are looking for. Register now to become a professional drone pilot!