Best Kitchen Countertop in Austin

As with most decisions in remodeling, the "one size fits all" just doesn't do it. There is no pat answer on which countertop material is best but this article should get you pointed in the right direction.

Each countertop material has its own pros and cons so it pays to do your research before you make your final decision and pony-up the dough.

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Quartz in Kitchen

Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference but no matter which countertop choice you make, there are three main considerations that you will need before making your countertop choice: They are: Cost – Design – Utility.

Your budget will ultimately determine the material choices you will have. Next is the design: Achieving your design/style goals can usually be achieved at all the various price points. The final choice is utility. These days, durability (like design) can be achieved through all countertop materials. Ok, let's get started:

Wood: Yes, you heard right "Wood". Most of us have seen "butcher block" island cabinets of a piece of butcher block incorporated into the countertop, but there is a whole new world of wood countertop solutions if you have the cash. Pricing on these countertops makes granite look like a bargain! If you want a "Stand-Out" kitchen, this will most certainly do it.

Cost: Prices (just for the materials range from $100 sq. ft. to $500 sq. ft.!

Design: The choices of wood species are extraordinary: Just to name a few… Cherry, Bamboo, Beech, Black Walnut, Canary, Hickory, Maple, Chestnut, Red Oak, Reclaimed Redwood, Teak, Zebrawood (among others).

Utility: Incredibly, this choice is quite durable. Other than re-oiling the tops every 9 to 12 months or so, there is very little maintenance.

Waterproof: One supplier (Craft-Art) categorically states that all of their countertops are "absolutely" waterproof. As well they are stain-resistant, food-safe, heat resistant, and scratch-resistant.