Pallet Requirements For Export: What To Know

It’s great fun when your product finds a new market abroad. Finding a niche at home makes it a successful business, but overseas markets make your brand global – even if that new market is right across the border.


However, exports are associated with more complex supply chains and different requirements that have to be met. Getting your product also becomes more complicated once you start exporting. You can also buy export pallets through


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You will also need to know the requirements for export pallets, otherwise, your product could be quarantined after being refused entry.


Selection Of Higher Quality Pallets For Export


Most of the pallets chosen for export are wooden rope pallets and there are several reasons for this. The main reason is that they are cheaper than more durable pallets.


Additionally, reusable sturdy pallets are designed for multiple trips through the supply chain, and return trips for pallets that go overseas are not always possible.


This has the disadvantage that manufacturers dealing with fragile pallets can spoil the product and lose money and time spent arranging exports. Another problem with wooden pallets is that not all of these pallets are heat-treated or smoked properly.


If your company has a habit of buying the cheapest pallets, you may find that your employees are using adjustable pallets that are not meant for export, and this error could result in your product being quarantined.