Natural Medicine – The Way Home

Western medicine plays a significant role today. Their diagnostics and surgical procedures are world class and there are many doctors today tending towards recommending healthy alternative therapies. However, the tradition of prescribing medications that are heavily marketed by the multinational drug Corporations and the societal side effects have to be addressed.You can also buy the best integrative medicine from various online sources.

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 These drugs have power over us. They corner us and make us feel small. We turn to the western model for help when we are trying to seek balance and their medicinal options make us become needy and weak. They do not arm us with the tools necessary to face this world and our role in it. All purpose is lost when all we are doing is surviving by synthetically detaching.

There is a general belief when seeking this help that the antidepressants and painkillers prescribed are the doorway to doing the right thing for your life, ‘taking control’. Western pharmaceuticals are the Backdoor OUT of people’s lives and people are taking them because they want to feel better. How can you feel better when you have no control over yourself? When something external is dictating whether you will experience happiness today?

The next step down from legal drug users are those who choose to self medicate with illegal substances. The people who take these are frowned upon because it’s illegal.

These substances can be more powerful and potentially more dangerous but ultimately are a solution to the same problem, our society is desperately unhappy! Our society has become segregated, disconnected and impatient with a constant undertone of incredible fear. Fear of living. Fear of dying. Fear of loving. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of getting it right!

There is no sense of community any more. People believe that they have to ‘be strong’ and do it on their own. It’s bullshit because they are not doing it on their own, they are using external substances to support themselves: legal or illegal is not even relevant.

Everyone just wants their problems fixed today and no one wants to have to fight for their own wellness and balance. If someone else fixes it, people don’t ever really have to own how they got there in the first place, and look at how much of it they created themselves.