Main Types of Crepe Maker Appliances

Crepes make a light and tasty dessert. They can be made quickly with a variety of fillings, including chocolate, fruit, eggs, or plain sugar.

In view of the fact that the crepe maker makes the cooking process of this pancake-like dessert so simple, they are starting to become extremely popular in home kitchens. You can buy professional crepe makers online via

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It is much easier to prepare a uniformed crepe in a dedicated appliance than it is if you are standing over a heated stove area.

There are two main types of crepe maker appliances, which consist of the inverted and press crepe maker. Here is a general overview of the two appliances –

Inverted Pan:

An inverted crepe pan is often said to resemble a flipped-over frying pan and basically works much like a traditionally styled skillet.

Using this type of crepe maker is a simple process of dipping the flipped-over pan into the already prepared batter, which will effectively stick a thin layer of the coating to the hot metal surface.

The pan is then flipped over to continue with the cooking process. As soon as prepared, the nicely brown crepe will easily slide off the top of the upturned pan with a slight shake.

Press: The press crepe is much the same as the griddle in relation to appearance, except that it is round and comes with sides that are slightly rounded.

Simple to use, all that is needed is that the appliance is switched on and heated to the desired temperature, then the prepared batter can be poured onto the appliance and spread with a spatula to make sure that the ingredients are evenly coating the cooking services.

Crepes are much easier to lift out of the appliances, mostly due to the fact that there is less likelihood of them sticking to the surface or been damaged when lifting with a spatula or fork.