Ladies T-Shirts – Classy Defines Cool

What are you looking for in a woman's dress? Do you have a funny, humorous slogan? Would you prefer to pose in a simple, embellished, non-textual design? Perhaps something feminine, filigree, or floral. Maybe your T-shirt collection is somewhere in between.

It's a wonderful sight to see a great-looking cotton heritage shirt on a great-looking girl. It's possible to say the opposite and substitute "great" for "ho-hum", but that's not what we are doing. Clothing can be an extension of its self. Clothing can often be an extension of our personality and identity. Graphic screen prints should enhance the shirt's style and complement the colors.

A design that blends in well with the shirt's style completely draws attention. On the other hand, a poorly thought-out design that appears chaotic and unkempt would detract from the overall appearance.

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This is especially true in womenswear, as evidenced by the large selection of junior-sized girl-cut tees and tanks. Because many of these eye-catching styles have been meticulously made and designed to be figure-flattering, it's worth devoting a little extra attention and care to the screen print.

I think the text should be either very short or very funny and clever. Thinking hard about what style of font is going to flow best along with the art for a winning design. More often than not, this means crafting hand-written text, which gives the garment a classy, customized feel.

I prefer a spectrum of graphic designs that range from classic to zany. Both of these extremes are relaxed, easy, and face-to-face to steer clear of offensive jibes. Full of fun, artistic, eye-catching designs, sustainable fashion is a delight for women to wear and to make an elegant statement of their own.