Jaggery Versus Brown Sugar Finding the Healthier Ingredient

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Are you still using white sugar as a sweetener? People have started making a shift to healthier alternatives such as brown sugar and jaggery. With similar taste, colour, and special properties, comparing both options can be tricky. But you can make a choice by understanding their properties and differences between the two.

Brown Sugar and Jaggery – Understanding the Differences

Brown sugar is prepared from sugarcane molasses through refining and centrifuging. Moreover, it also goes through charcoal treatment. However, jaggery is an unrefined form of sugar that doesn’t go through centrifuge spinning or charcoal treatment.

While jaggery and brown sugar carry a similar calorie value, the former packs extra nutritional value depending on the variety. Sugarcane jaggery has iron content while the one obtained from dates carries calcium.

When it comes to health benefits, sugar helps improve food taste and boosts energy levels. But it can also cause problems like elevated glucose levels, weight gain, and inflammation among others. On the other hand, jaggery can also cause similar issues like indigestion, glucose and weight increase, and higher risks of parasitic infestation. But it brings in a wider list of health benefits like anemia prevention, blood pressure control, joint pain relief, constipation relief, blood purification, and liver detoxification.

Thus, when comparing healthier sweetener alternatives, jaggery tops the charts as brown sugar still packs in the features of white sugar. But there’s another catch. Organic variations of jaggery are always healthier than other options. So, you should prefer buying from stores selling organic foods in Brisbane to ensure getting the most health benefits.