Importance Of Using Dog Poop Scooper

Do you know why dog poop bags are so important? There are many reasons to use dog poop bags, but these are the most important.

  • Dog poop is a serious threat to our water supply. It is an environmental pollutant. Recent studies have shown that dogs are the third most important contributor to bacteria in contaminated water. The water is enriched with nitrogen from dog waste. Excessive nitrogen in oxygen-depleted water is necessary for wildlife and fish.

  • Dog waste can be dangerous to your health. It can contain 25 million coliform bacteria per kilogram and possibly whipworm, hookworm-to-the heart, tapeworms, roundworms,and roundworms. These worms can survive in soil for long periods of time and are easily transmitted from one person to another. These health risks can be safely eliminated and contained by dog poop bags.

  • Dog waste is not good for your lawn. It can cause lawn burns and unsightly discoloration.