How to Choose Inground Pool Covers

If you are unfamiliar with inground pool covers, they are pretty basic and simple. They are mostly made up of vinyl material and are very lightweight. They will cover the entire length and width of your pool. 

One of the more obvious reasons to start looking at inground pool covers is that cleanup will take a while during the spring as well. Just think of how many leaves and debris that you will have to move out before you start using your pool. So you should really save yourself a weekend's worth of work and start shopping for indoor pool covers immediately.

You can buy automatic retractable pool covers at

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You will have a decision to make though. Do you want a fully manual cover, semi-automatic, or automatic cover? As you can see, you really have 3 choices when deciding on one of the inground pool covers that are on the market.

A manual cover is just that, it usually takes 2 people to pull it the length of the pool so that the entire water area is covered. Once down, you can then click the cover to hold it in place. While many of the manual inground pool covers are more difficult to use, they are your most cost-effective option.