How To Address Thumb Sucking In Children

Ultimately, it’s up to your child to break the thumb-sucking habit. However, there are a few things parents should be aware of when trying to stop their children from sucking their thumb, as well as some strategies they can try. You can also know more about how to stop thumb sucking in children through various online sources. 

Effects of Thumb-Sucking on Children's Dental Health | Absolute Dental

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Keep calm

Yelling or insisting that your child stop sucking their thumb doesn’t help. While you may be concerned about the potential damage they do to their teeth or the germs they carry into their mouth, getting upset with a child isn’t likely to lead to cooperation.

Make a deviation

If you see your kid sucking their thumb, make certain it has something to do with their hand (for example, give them a stress ball to press). However, if your kid sucks their thumb out of nervousness, it’s not enough just to distract them or get them to do something. You need to address the source of their concern.

If they suck their thumb when they’re tired, support them to color a picture, throw a ball back and forth, or draw with their fingers – whatever keeps their little hands busy.

Give lots of compliments

Instead of constantly pointing out their thumb sucking and drawing attention to the behavior, encourage and praise them when they don’t suck. You want to focus on the behavior that you want to see, not the ones you don’t.