Gloucestershires Pensions When Why And Where Should I Get One

Pensions have been under particularly bad pressure of late, as pension rates have been falling for years and the financial crisis over the past three years has eroded the available returns. 

The rot started with the catastrophe that has befallen so many people when Equitable Life suffered from some very bad financial deals which cost so many people out of their retirement and to this day are not fully resolved and any resolution is a huge loss for them. If you’re looking for more information about  Gloucestershire county council pensions, check this out.

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A series of problems occurred that put individual pension funds at a level where pension rates had fallen to such an extent that the purchasable pensions were much lower than they were when contributions and retirement planning began. 

The current difficult financial situation means that returns on all savings and investments have dropped significantly and pension funds, like everyone else, have had to accept lower returns.

This issue should not be considered a fait accompli as there are several things that can be done to resolve the issue. 

Remember that you can buy annuities from any reputable company and you don't have to stick with your current provider. Whatever you do, get good advice and sleep before doing anything, service providers vary in quality, so get a good one and start from there.