Executive Leadership Coaching- Is It Waste Of Money

In the corporate world, it's big business to coach future managers. It's also a huge waste of money, as I'll explain in this article. Do not believe everything you hear and read. Corporate management training is filled with yes-men, theories that don’t work, and human resource geeks who have clipboards. 

This is because I have worked in management at three of the Fortune 100's top 50 companies. Let's look closer at the executive leadership coaching industry. These are almost always made up of failed managers. 

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They would still be the leaders of corporate America if they had been successful. They realized that they could make a lot of money as a "trainer" and made a good living doing it. It's a lucrative career, I think. Maybe you want to give it a try if you're feeling like retiring.

This usually involves going into large companies to teach managers various buzzwords such as "leapfrog changes", movers and shapers, "synergies" or other mumbo-jumbo.

  • Everyone is happy, just think about it.

  • Workers are happy that they get a week off from their regular jobs.

  • The trainers are happy as they get paid a lot to teach these courses.

  • Employers are satisfied because they have satisfied regulators.

  • Everyone is happy, but no one is wiser.

  • Unfortunately, most executive coaching is this way. However, not all executive coaching is like this.