Custom Business Cards – A Guide to the Different Types

Custom business cards have become more and more popular in recent years, especially because of the ease with which it is possible to promote new styles, designs, and techniques to make card designs more personal and memorable.

Custom design

The simplest way to grab a potential customer's attention from a business card is to make sure it has an attractive design and also clearly displays contact details. A simple design can attract customers who only want the service you provide and aren't too bothered by how the card is designed, as long as the contact's name and telephone number are clear, while.

A well-personalized business card that has a unique design style for your business can attract these same customers as well as those affected by the eye-catching design.

Single or Return

Whether or not you decide to invest that little extra when considering business car printing and going for a double-sided card can make a big difference in the number of inquiries you receive. This is mainly because the effect of double-sided cards is somehow left on the customer's desk or when they are pasted into the customer's hand and they turn it over.

Print finish

If you want to portray a quality feeling about your business there are many different finishes that you can get for custom business cards nowadays such as plain matte cards, glossy cards, and even different types of cards. Thickness. Be careful though as this can upset those who store cards in their wallet as a mote, which will clog their wallet and maybe be discarded earlier.

Custom size

There are more extreme designs and finishes for those who want to stand out from the crowd such as a collection of 4 company cards for 4 members of the management team that when placed face down from a picture or logo.