Components Of A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

A great industrial kitchen filtration in a kitchen consists of several major elements that are required for a proper job. Here are some important elements:


The hood is located directly above the burner and the fan blows gas into the piping and filter equipment. You can also look for the best commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system via

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This is the entry point to a commercial exhaust filter system. Most hoods also use an oil filter.

2 – Ductwork

Duct design for commercial exhaust filter systems is of great importance. In this way, polluted air is absorbed into the filter system. Ducts should be accessible so they can be cleaned easily and fewer channels leading to filter units are better than complex configurations with multiple curves.

3 – filter equipment

The filtration device is an important part of the exhaust filter system in the kitchen. It can be an electro precipitator using a number of filter modules. Some exhaust filter systems use a smell controller module to remove bad odors from the air stream.

4 – fan/blower

The fan is part of the system that removes smoke and polluted air into the pipes and expels clean, filtered air through the exhaust vents.  These fans are designed to pump air back into your cooking zone to ensure that clean air continues to flow through the zone.

5 – fire extinguishing system

Most good kitchen exhaust systems have a fire-fighting function. As fires in or near drains are a common problem in kitchen exhaust systems, they are a must in most areas.