Choose Phuket Island in Thailand For Scuba dive

To find the quieter beaches it's advised you head to the northern end of the island, where Phuket's largest beach, Hat Mai Khao, remains relatively unspoiled and less crowded. Just round the corner of the island's southern tip is Rawai Beach, which  offers some fabulous sunset views.

Away from the water and the ribbon developments, visitors will find the interiors of national parks and reserves, along with the rubber and pineapple plantations. You can also choose phi phi islands scuba diving center at

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If the mind is soothed by these peaceful surroundings, the body can also enjoy its own vacation during the nine-day vegetarian festival that falls each October, at the end of the cool season in Phuket – a true detox for the body, mind, and spirit.

Amongst the myriad of pleasures in Phuket is the fabulous local cuisine. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and seek out the eating-houses where locals are dining on mass. This is a sure sign that the food is good and inexpensive. The experience alone is enough to satisfy you but the quality of the meals will draw you back time and again.

Relax and enjoy this slice of paradise, an island so rich with offerings and yet so peaceful and rejuvenating. The speedboat day trips to Phi Phi Island are highly recommended. 

For a wonderful holiday that will not break the bank, Phuket Island Thailand has to be one of the most attractive destinations on the planet. Arrive, relax, indulge, and experience.