All on 4 Implants Technique: Changing Lives

According to the Center for Disease Control, 30% of adults over the age of 60 have lost all the original teeth and desperately need all in 4 implants.

The implant technique is all the idea of European implants Dr. Paulo Malo, along with the leading dental implant manufacturer in the world, Nobel Biocare, compiled a comprehensive system for the replacement of gears that offer cannot be removed, long-term, functional, and very aesthetic solutions for tooth loss.

All on 4 Implants: Procedure

All on 4 implants, as the name suggests, basically consisting of the relief of prosthetic gear bridges which are fully adjusted to four dental implants placed specifically and circulated. This location and circulation allow prosthetic bridges to receive the support that needs to be repaired in the mouth for years and often decades; It functions and searches like a full set of beautiful and natural teeth.

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In addition, the placement of all on 4 implants allows the procedure that must be resolved almost always without the need for the previous bone grafting operation, which is how to complete oral rehabilitation in a single tooth appointment is possible.

The implant technique, all of which are on 4 bypasses this fully through a unique and angulation position in the anterior (front) and the posterior (back) of the jaw bone where:

  • Bones are in a larger volume naturally,
  • Bones are more resistant to atrophy,
  • They avoid damage to vital structures such as nerve channels (lower jaws) and sinus cavities (upper jaws).

The result of this is enough support for prosthetic gear bridges with minimal incisions and stitches, which means very little post-operative pain and discomfort for you, patients.