All About The Dredging Services

Dredging is used when you need to remove or move sediment from resources. Sediment is material deposited by water, wind, or glacier or already existing on the bottom of a water body. This is why sediment can be found in numerous places such as streams, lakes, coastal waters, the earth, and more.

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With all the different places where sediment can be found, there are different classifications of dredging.

  • Environmental Dredging- This type of dredging is used to clean contaminated areas and restore the area to non-contaminated levels.
  • Construction Dredging– This is used during construction projects to help remove land, create land, create channels, or other various construction needs.
  • Restoration Dredging– Dredges are used to restore coastlines, wetlands, lakes, streams, and beaches by pumping materials ashore to create new land or restore eroded material.
  • Navigational Dredging– Dredges can be used to widen or deepen waterways and channels to help improve navigation.
  • Mining Dredging– Dredging can be an effective way to excavate for precious metals, coal, phosphates, and other minerals that are mined.

It is also important to dredge your lagoon as over time sludge and sediment accumulate at the bottom, which causes unpleasant odors and appearance. Lagoons also need regular maintenance as the added sludge or sediment can cause the lagoon to exceed its original capacity.