A Straightforward Guide To Understanding The 3D Exterior Rendering Process

Understanding 3D Exterior Rendering Steps

The method below describes the 3D exterior rendering of 2D images. The process can be broken down into steps but a 3D artist may not always follow these steps and jump between them.

Understanding the vision of the client is an ongoing task during a project. You can find the best 3d exterior rendering services via https://www.empirerender.com/3d-exterior-rendering.

Understanding Client’s Sight

A 3D artist must first understand the project before he or she can build a model. A 3D artist begins by visualizing the project using reference images, plans, and sketches.

3D Modeling

To create a digital model, the 3D artist uses 3D modeling software. This is similar to creating a physical model. However, the model can only exist digitally. This list contains free 3D modeling software.

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The 3D artist sets up lights in the 3D scene to replicate real-world lighting. The process is the same as that of a videographer or photographer setting up lighting before shooting. However, the 3D artist must also set up the sun and ambient lighting.


The computer creates a 2D image from the scene that has been created using the steps. It's similar to taking photos in the real world.

Rendering can take from a fraction to several days. The complexity of the scene and desired quality will affect the rendering time. The computer is the only one responsible for this process. Sometimes images are rendered using large numbers of computers, called render farms.