Government Information Share Using Social Networking Platform

The federal government and many state and local governments are now using information-sharing strategies by taking a page out of the new social networking playbook paradigm. Some ask if this is a good idea; Do we want our government employees to use social networks all day, even if they are at home.

This is a good question, but we also want our public servants to be as efficient as possible to achieve everything by conserving taxpayer funds and limiting bureaucratic development. So one has to agree that as long as the government information-sharing system that uses social work.

Working platforms are used in a way that is not meant to be socialized, but rather their It is all good to work. Many businesses are taking a similar approach and some of the biggest and biggest names in the corporate world are following suit. Social networking platforms are evolving. Does this mean that e-government and e-republic are here now?

Many computer programmers believe that if we combine artificial intelligence with these systems, computers that ultimately use social networking can provide answers for employees in government based on previous answers made by previous employees.

Then we can limit many workers in government and either lay them off or set them on fire, and this will save a tremendous amount of taxpayer money. This is why many taxpayer groups are now considering it a wise choice. I certainly hope that you will consider all this and what it means for our government and the future of the States.